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Power Distribution Board

  • Power Distribution Power Distribution

    This is a professionally manufactured printed circuit board (PCB) that I designed and had manufactured by Express PCB. The purpose is to distribute regulated DC power to synthesizer modules. I've neglected this part in the past and regretted it too many times. It is designed for 0.156 inch AMP or Molex connectors.

  • The board is 2.5 inches by 3.8 inches, the standard "3 for $51 (+$8 shipping)" proto board service offered by ExpressPCB. Here is the .PCB file ready to load into their free design tool. From within the tool, you can place your order, if desired. To get the file (using MS WIndows), right-click on the above link, and save the file as plugboard.pcb (not plugboard.htm, which will be the default).

    Below is a composite graphic of the top and bottom copper traces with yellow outlines where the connectors will go. The red traces are on the top layer; the green traces are on the bottom layer. Spaces are provided for 2 electrolytic, polarized capacitors. I used 100 uF, but you are free to experiment. The lines of smaller holes may be used for small filtering capacitors, if desired. The corner circles are for the holes to be used to screw or bolt the board to an insulated surface.

    NOTE: I take no responsibility whatsoever for design flaws within this PCB, misuse of this design, or any injuries that may occur as a result of this design. If you don't know what you are doing, please seek professional advice.

    I place this design here as an "open source" PCB design. As this is open source, feel free to suggest improvements. After review I may modify it and post a revised design. I will post more designs in the future so stay tuned!

composite view of the plugboard
Composite view.

Top copper traces only.
Top traces only.

Bottom copper traces only.
Bottom traces only.