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  • Simple Pegs for Sorting Cables

  • Second Generation Case for the New Modular Synthesizer

    tiger maple tiger maple

    OK, so the first attempt was not square. Duh! Here is the new case under construction. The top is flamed maple, the front sides are cherry, and the back parts are poplar. Note the elaborate use of squaring devices and clamps.

    Those orange and black clamps are NOT recommended, BTW. I got a pile of them from Harbor Freight. They work fine until you try to tighten them too much, and then the plastic shatters. They must have a materials flaw since I can tighten the other plastic clamps (red ones) as hard as I can and they just keep on clamping.

    gluing the new case

  • Glue-up

    gluing the new case
  • final gluing and squaring