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JonDent : Synth Lab

Synthesizers - DIY - Modulars - Electronic Music

"Think of a sound... (and we) shall make it
.... Any sound is now possible"
(Peter Zinovieff of EMS)

This site is devoted to Electronic Music, Synthesizers & Music Production.
From Vintage Analog Keyboards to Modern Digital Workstations
From the humble Korg Monotron to the mightiest Buchla Modula

Many thanks to Tom for hosting SYNTH.ORG

D.I.Y Links
    A mailing list called 'synth-diy' has been created
    for people who are into synthesizer electronics
    and/or building synthesizers.

  • Ken stone - CCS
    It is a collection of notes, circuit diagrams and stories
    about the creation of Ken's modular synthesizer
    the "Catgirl Synth"

  • Muff's Modules & More
    A Forum for anyone interested in Synths
    A great resource.

  • The Yahoo! Doepfer A-100 Group
  • Din Sync
    A blog relating to vintage analog Roland "x0x" musical instruments.
    Primarily focusing on the SH-101, MC-202, TB-303, TR-606, TR-808, TR-909.
    Also featuring eurorack modular synthesis and DIy projects.

  • PatchPierre.Net
    a blog about basic analog synthesis
    Pierre's Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular Synthesizer
    and other modular Eurorack adventures...

  • Noise Android
  • Stray Technologies
  • Atari ST - AVTANDIL
  • Arduino MicroController
    A open-source electronics prototyping
    platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware
    and software.
  • Arduino Tutorials
  • Pinky & Friends
  • NonLinear Circuits Blog
  • Fonitronik

  • Favourite Links

  • Vintage Synth Explorer
    An evergrowing source of images, sound bytes, reviews and links for
    over 150 popular vintage and retro-vintage synthesizers.
    Also featuring eurorack modular synthesis

    the best synth site on the web,always updated,always interesting"
    -Tom (The Chemical Brothers)

  • Buchla and Associates
    The Legendary Synth maker
    WOW !!!!

  • Egres - The Unofficial Serge Page
    This site is dedicated to everyone interested in
    Serge Modular Music

  • Serge - Carbon111.com
    Carbon111's Serge Modular Index

  • Vic Modular Blog
  • GearSlutz
  • EMS (England)
    The official EMS website
  • Ludwig Rehberg EMS
  • EMS Rehberg (Germany)
    The German arms of EMS
  • Sound on Sound
    Sound on Sound Magazine
  • Sonic State
    SonicState Synth Site
  • SynthVibrations
    SynthVibrations Site
  • Synthopia
    Synthopia Site

  • Dharmatronix
    Dharmatronix Blog

  • Eurorack, FracRack, MOTM, etc manufacturers

  • 4mspedals
  • Abstract Data
  • acidlab
  • ADDAC System
  • Analogue Systems
  • AtomoSynth Analog Synthesizers
  • Blue Lantern
  • BubbleSound Instruments
  • Circuit Abbey
  • Cwejman synthesizers
  • Cyndustries
  • Delptronics
  • Division 6
  • Doepfer Musikelektronik
  • Elby Designs
  • Expert Sleepers
  • Flame Modules
  • flight of Harmony
  • Fonitronik
  • Future Sound Systems
  • Gotharmusic
  • intellijel
  • kilpatrick audio
  • Livewire
  • Low-Gain
  • Make Noise
  • Malekko Heavy Industry
  • Metasonix
  • Modcan Synthesizers
  • Oakley Sound Systems
  • Pittsburgh Modular
  • snazzy fx
  • synovatron
  • Synthesis Technology
  • Synthwerks
  • Tiptop Audio
  • Trogotronic
  • WMD