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MicroControllers - Atmel MicroController - Arduino

Musical notes can be produced by even the simplest microcontrollers.
I'm currently exploring two such controllers:

The Amtel AVR family of 8-32 bit microcontrollers

The Arduino family of microcontrollers
EG: the Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328

A healthy understanding of the C & C++ programming language is pretty helpful.
ArdCore - Snazzy FX Arduino - Eurorack

ArdCore - Snazzy FX - Arduino - Eurorack - Installation Demo
  • The 1st 29 seconds of this video demos how to upload a patch to the ArdCore
  • Eurorack Module by Snazzy FX
  • The video is silent till 30 secs....so you dont have to turn your speakers up.
    • This is kind of a online help ... at least shows how i got it to work.
    • The code seems to be c and c++ ???
  • Anyway, an Arduino is a micro-controller which can be programmed
  • to act as you wish. So this module has the potential to be a VCO or filter, or
    • ADSR envelope.... they say anything you like..
    • The code you see being complied was just something I downloaded
  • randomly for a quick test. It turned out to be a sort of VCO ??? -- or
    • a random audio source. ????
    • Anyway, it does respond to CV modulation.
    • I'm modulating it with the anti-oscillator from Wiard which is a radical VCO in its own right.
ATMEGA16 microcontroller AVR Synth - Elby Designs

AVR Synth - ATMEGA16 Microcontroller
  • just tweaking this new synth
  • trying to find its sweet spots
  • "The AVRSYN is a monophonic "virtual analog" synth based
    • on the Atmel AT90S8535 microcontroller. It was originally designed by Jarek Ziembicki.
    • His aim was to check to see if a simple micro-processing chip could be used for sound synthesis.
  • Paul Maddox later adapted this design design using a
  • ATMEGA16 instead as the AT90S8535 is no longer in production.
    • The AVR consists of
    • two DCO's, a DCF, and a DCA. There is also an LFO and an AR/ASR
  • envelope generator.
  • This synth comes in a kit form