Audio Samples

Here are some audio samples

Before you listen to these, you should know it's just for fun. I'm not out to make any recordings or anything. I'm just seeing what happens when I jack up cables and twist knobs. Everything you hear is accidental. I know the idea behind what I'm patching up, but the notes, sequences or rythms it produces usually surprise me. It's a collaborative effort between me and my synth.
All of the recordings are just a single take, w/ no processing or anything. I don't think I ever move a cable, and I rarely touch a knob. Most modulation is jacked in w/ lfo's or eg's. Basically, what I'm going for is patching together little 'songs' that can go on and change and be interesting for 10 or more minutes, w/out me touching anything. I still need to finish a few more modules before I'm there.


This is the first recording of my synth (that I can find). It's from about 02.
At this time, I had no dividers, no percussion modules, only a couple of LFO's. I know I used the CGS Sub Osc going to the pitch of a VCO. I think the inverted out was going to an EG that controlled the VCA. I'm surprised at the relatively complex pattern, for as few modules as I had then.



This is a pretty basic techno-ish song. It's from around 04 Percussion is triggered by the cgs pulse divider. I only adjusted the volume on the mixer to bring in different parts. The rest of the modulation is by clocked eg's or lfo's. The random high pitched part at the beginning is probably the sub osc. The bass line part is probably a sample hold. The bass is quite deep, so you won't hear much it on basic computer speakers.



Percussion by cgs pulse divider. The sample/hold part at the beginning is a random sample/hold I built. The bass line is also from a sample/hold (sort of), the CGS ASR. The crazy sounds towards the end was a patch that had something to do w/ the original high pitched sample/hold sound and the CGS sub osc, fm modulating another VCO. It's very bizarre and all over the place, but still stays in time w/ the percussion.



For this, I was testing some new modules I built. Gate Sequencer, Master Divider, Sequential Switch, an AR envelope gen, and a Morph Lag. It quickly developed into this little song, so I recorded it. The totally random synth part that comes in, is the CGS Gated Comparator gate outputs fed into a mixer. The output of that mixer feeding the pitch of a vco.