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This is my modular synth.  It has been a work in progress for the past several years.  Much thanks goes out to everyone in the SDIY community, as I could not have built this without your help.   The site is just getting started, and I hope to add some content and list the modules in the near future.

Finally Updated! Click "Audio" on the menu to the right.

Here are a few photo's of the synth. Click the image for a larger version

This is a shot of the old front panels.

Links to module and PCB designers

CGS Synth
Music From Outer Space



Midibox Sequencer

This is my midibox sequencer. I guess you could say it is in a beta testing stage.  It works, but definitely isn't finished.  This was my first project using PCB mount buttons and encoders, and I built the buttons out of LED's glued to tactile switches.  Because of that none of my rows of buttons are even.  I couldn't go directly to drilling an aluminum panel, so I'm using acrylic for now.  I like the look of it so I may make the final panel and build the entire enclosure out of the same material.  Its existing enclosure consists of a cardboard box, zip ties and duck tape.


Here are a few photo's of the sequencer

This is the inside w/ the mess of cables.  Like I said, it isn't finished :)

Links to Midibox