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Do You Want to Become a Music Producer?

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    Ever dream of producing music? It is a real challenge! I've found an excellent resource that helped put me on the right track. Jay Dynasty (aka Nebula, or just Neb), a music producer in New York City, has a unique teaching method. He shares every detail through clear downloadable videos, and follows up with tips and tricks through an optional email newsletter.

    Please don't confuse music composition or performance with music production. No amount of production can salvage a poor composition or performance. But some flaws can be corrected; timing can be adjusted; sound presence and balance can be achieved. Think of production as what you need to do during session planning, recording, mixing, and mastering. Proper production can get you from ideas and musical talent to the all-important master tracks.

    I'm well on my way to producing decent music, thanks in part to Neb. Check it out!