MIDI to Control Voltage Converter
Basic Platform
Two 8 Bit DAC's employed for:
- 10 Octave MIDI/Voltage Conversion
- Sum of Pitch Bend; LFO; Noise Modulation;
DAC's combine to produce final Pitch voltage
Control Signals
+5V Positive GATE & Velocity responsive V-Trigger Pulse;
S-Trigger derives from either GATE or Trigger;
MIDI Features
Integrated LFO and Random Noise Modulation;
Parameter Programming using MIDI CC Messages
M2CV in Box One version of this design has been constructed to control a Concertmate MG-1

NOTE: This is a project not a product.
The following describes the efforts involved to construct the MDD and resulting characteristics. Feel free to address questions to the author phillip m gallo.

MDD Information Pages

MIDI Implementation
Synthesizer Interface
Operational Information
Feature Description

MDD Schematic: mddsch.gif
MDD Front Panel:mdd front
View Parts Layout:mdd part layout
Hex File For Processor: mdd.hex
Integrated Circuit Pinout: mdd ic's
Source Code For Processor: mdd source
MDD Compatible Power Supply: mddpwr.gif
View Board Implementation Here: mdd.gif
Dynamic Trigger Compatible ADSR: adsr.gif
Construction Information: assembly and testing

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