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MIDI to Control Voltage Converter

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MDD Operational Description

Power Up
If no operator interaction occurs after power up, the MDD is ready to receive MIDI command messages upon Channel 1 in MONO mode.  The highest sounding note will be converted to a 1 Volt per Octave control voltage value.   The Trigger Mode will be Velocity Width and No Noise or LFO modulation will be ongoing. Pitch Bend commands will be honored.

MIDI issues parameter values using CONTROLLER "CC" messages.  MIDI Sequencers and MIDI Control Surfaces provide natural mechanisms for setting MDD parameters.

Text Box:  Composing a Controller Message might not always be possible due to time or system availability.   The MDD accomodates simple MIDI programming through the use of the front Panel Command Button.   The Command Button can be seen in the Unit Picture above on the right.   Latching the Command Button ON results in certain MIDI commands being interpreted as Control Parameter messages for the MDD operational logic.

Command Mode Preset Menu:

Note: The Last MIDI Message (of any type including the above Note On Messages) is used to set the CHANNEL for which the MDD will respond to (unless in OMNI MODE).

Once the MDD has been setup the Command Key should be "un-latched".