Simple Electronics Library v0.6-a
Simple Electronics Library is a collection of figs for use with Xfig.

Simple Electronics Library is a collection of electronic-related figures for Xfig.


Contents in version 0.6-a:

/simple_device-metric: basic discrete devices symbols in centimeters.
/simple_device-inch: basic discrete devices symbols in inches.
/simple_CMOS-metric: (incomplete) collection of 4000/4500 CMOS series. (metric)
/simple_TTL-metric: (incomplete) collection of TTL 74/74LS series. (metric)
/simple_linear-metric: a few linear ICs. (metric)
/simple_optodevices: common and esoteric opto-devices.
/simple_tubes: traditional tubes.
/simple_DScurves: linear and logarithmic grids.
/simple_pcb-mil: PCB devices in a mil grid. (mil units)
/simple_misc: section for misc. or use[ful|les] things.
/simple_License: use and distribution License. (English and Spanish versions)

Here you can see a preview.


Xfig is a powerful vector drawing program. I found out that it is an excellent medium to create schematics and block diagrams for direct printing or conversion to different graphic file formats. I started to use Xfig to create non professional schematics for particular purposes. I started with a few devices and completed them as required. That's why simple has not a professional look and it is not intended for professional use. It is just an owned- collection that simply I wish to share it. Note that the names of components are not conventional design names, they are named to appear (more or less) sorted in the Xfig library dialog box.
Simple can be used alone to help you draw schematics and write simple reports, or in conjunction with other Xfig libraries and the excellent document formatting software available for Linux/Unix to produce application notes, reports, datasheets or a complete book for an electronic project.


A copy of Xfig.


"Simple" is distributed under a pretty simple License.


If you have a previous .rpm package version installed, uninstall it with:
rpm -e simple
If you have installed from a tgz package, delete all directories that start with
the name "simple_" in /usr/X11/lib/X11/xfig/Libraries/
You need to do this cause in this version I renamed/re-scaled several figures.

tgz package:
Expand the tgz package to a temp directory:
tar zxf simple-0.6a.tgz
Move (or copy) the results to:
Note that the tgz package doesn't have the complete path, just the simple_xxxx/ entries.
(File managers like Midnight Commander (mc) can simplify this).

rpm package:
Geocities/Yahoo destroys rpm packages inserting advertising.
If you really need the rpm version download this file (rpm 3) and rename it to simple-0.6-a.i386.rpm
(just rename it, no need to expand) and install it with command:
rpm -i simple-0.6-a.i386.rpm


Tar-Gzip package: simple-0.6a.tgz (351,724 bytes)


eqys (aka Fabio González).
For comments or suggestions about Simple e-mail me at:

Fabio González. Jul 2005, Posadas, Argentina

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