TLN-156 Spring Reverb

The TLN-156 (Neural Agonizer) was developed by Scott Juskiw. This is an extremely flexible module with voltage control of almost every parameter. I purchased a PCB set from Scott, and built the module as suggested. This was one of my first modules to build and it was deffinently the largest single module project I have worked on. Two Accutronics reverb tanks are mounted inside my modular cabinet and connected to the module's PCBs using coaxial cable. The TLN-156 can operate using the reverb tanks in series or parallel. There are tons of modulation possibilities using this design and the sound can very quickly get out of control. But, It was not intended to make smooth sounding reverb, and it is capable of some very strange/interesting sounds. The last time I checked, Scott had more PCB sets for sale. The price and quality are excellent. Pictures of the complete module are shown below. Some of the audio input/output cables had not yet been secured when I took these photos.

Ryan Williams : 2005