These are some pictures comparing an original Davies 1900H knob to the Clone available from Small Bear Electronics.

I haven't yet ranted about good sources for parts. When I do, I will repeatedly mention how great a place Small Bear Electronics is.

In all pictures, the original Davies part is on the left and the clone is on the right.

For some reason, the cloned knob size looks different in the pictures. I've compared their size side to side and all that, and they are the same size.

First the top view. Here's where you'll notice a difference between the two right off. The line on the clone is painted whereas the line on the original was carved by a drunken angry beaver. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the original knob but I like the clone better in this regard because out of the first batch I got THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! I wouldn't mix the two knobs on the same module, but I'd definatly do it in the same Modular.

Back view. Angry beaver hole on the original. Nice clean hole on the clone.

The setscrew on the clone is silver where it is black on the original. An even better shot at the angry beaver's work.

The biggest difference that make no difference is the bottom. The original is fully molded whereas the clone was trimmed to size. You never see this part once the knob is installed of course. I confirmed the shaft diameter as .25" ( actually about .251" but my micrometer isnt that accurate ).

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