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This is where I rant about things I'm working on, have purchased and taken apart, or anything else that is even vaguely related to my Synth DIY obsession.

Click on the pictures. Gotta love my crappy web layout. It should load fairly quickly and its functional. Any time I spend doing this is time I'm not hacking on gear...

The Fracuino. Yet another *Duino compatible board for tormenting Atmel microcontrollers.
Schematics and musings on the EH16. Part of my ongoing project to properly clone the damn thing using parts that are fairly commonly available. Also a little info on the EH16 Reissue.
This is how I make my panels and labels and such. More of a tour of my process then a real HowTo.
Pictures of my modular as it was in mid 2007 or so. I have since radically changed my FracRak mounting method ( see t-strut section below here ) and more then doubled my amount of rackspace, as well as adding some EuroCrate. At some point I will update these pictures.
Pictures and part numbers of various Pots, Jacks, and whatever else I use that I felt like taking a picture of. This will expand as time goes on and I think of more things that should be here. This is just to give you a feel for the differences between some things.
Various pictures of an original Davies 1900H and a SmallBear Electronics clone of the same part.
Vector T-Strut rail pictures. Possibly a way for people to make their own Euro and Frac crates without resorting to bankrupcy.
My wooden keyboard cabinet, or, how to use up a lot of time and come to hate painting.
4x4 Button Pads from Hong Kong that fit 5mm LEDs

If you have any questions/comments you can find me on the Synth-DIY list, or you can email me or ( all my email addresses go to the same place so it really doesn't matter )

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