Eurorack Modular Synthesiser

As of 2007, I am building up a modular synthesiser based around Eurorack format modules. On this page I will provide some useful facts about the Eurorack format, reviews and audio samples of Eurorack modules along with some DIY ideas that can help cut the cost of setting up a basic system. These include low cost power supplies, cases and cables.

Eurorack Format Facts: 

  1. Eurorack measurements table
  2. Eurorack module manufacturers
  3. Eurorack modules by function
  4. Eurorack modules by size 

Module Reviews: 

  1. Plan B Model 15 VCO.
  2. Plan B Model 24 Heisenberg Generator
  3.  Plan B Model 10 Polyphonic Envelope
  4. Analogue Solutions VCO
  5. Analogue Solutions VCO + Ring Modulator
  6. Analogue Solutions Transistor Ladder Low Pass Filter with builtin VCA
  7. Elby Designs Synthacon Filter
  8. Doepfer A-137-b Logarithmic Mixer
  9. Doepfer A-137-c Polarizing Mixer
  10. Dopefer A-143-3 Quad ADSR Envelope Generator
  11. Doepfer A-     Dual Low Cost VCA
  12. Doepfer A-119 External Input
  13. Doepfer A-188 Bucket Brigade Delay

The DIY part:

  1. Low cost rack mount case option
  2. +/-12v power supply kit
  3. Power distribution boards
  4. Power supply link cable
  5. Module Ribbon Cables
  6. Coloured Patch Cables
  7. Multiples Box
  8. Attenuators Box
  9. External sound sources, processors and modulators
  10. Parts Suppliers

Warning: Modular synthesis is known to be linked to ADIDAS syndrome (All Day I Dream About Synths) and in severe cases may result in a total loss of cognitive thought. In order to avoid outbreaks of Synth Pop or New Wave rashes,  please synthesise with care.