Quantimator 1.2 firmware now available

    The Quantimator is a multifunctional quantizer concept designed to derive a trio of interrelated and musically useful control-voltages from a single control source. There are 2 distinct modes of operation- a CHORD mode and a SCALE mode.

    In "Chord Mode", a control source (sequencer, etc.) is quantized to the nearest semitone value [1/12V] within a 5 octave range; 2 other control values are generated, according to chord-type, to form a 'chord' (available at outs 2 and 3) when used with multiple 1V/OCT VCOs..the HOLD input will cause the outputs to hold their value when high- Triggers received in this state will "rotate" the outputs arpeggio style! there are 32 chord types available in any key.

    In "scale mode" an input is quantized according to the selected scale. Values are passed down the line ["Analog" Shift Register style] with each trigger (1 to 2, 2 to 3..) when HOLD is initiated, no new values are acquired and the data in memory will be continually looped to the 3 outputs with each trigger. There are 32 scales available in 2 banks of 16. Bank and mode are indicated in the 7-segment LEDs decimal places.

    Firmware developed collaboratively with Bret Truchan , who has also developed this!




    FIRMWARE rev1.2

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    Quantimator 1.2 (all units shipped after 4/16)

    -Reordered Greek scale modes
    -Replaced "Arabian" scale (redundant) with "Harmonic Minor" scale

    Quantimator 1.1

    -Decreased latency from note acquisition to output quantization to ~1.5mS
    -Added new "Trigger On Quantize" function

    To enable new "Trigger on Quantize" function: power on your new or newly upgraded Quantimator, and an animation will play on startup. It will 'hang' for a couple of seconds at the last frame- tap the MODE button 3X to toggle TOQ mode "on" or "off". You should see a "t" flash on the LEDs when enabling, and an "n" when disabling (the selection is stored in non-volatile memory so that the module will boot with the last selection made each time)

    Using t.o.q. feature with this feature enabled, the Quantimator now emits a brief pulse (~1.5mS, 5V) each time a new value is quantized- this pulse is available at output 3 in SCALE mode only, and only when the trigger input is *not* in use (output 3 will function as per usual when unit is triggered)

    -8HP Eurorack format
    -1.5" deep
    -25mA average current draw

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