"I want to make these sounds that go wooo-wooo-ah-woo-woo.
(Herb Deutsch to Bob Moog ~1963)

My DIY Modular Synth
And Other Electronic Musical Instruments

What is a Modular Synth?

My Hand Made Analog Modular Synthesizer - June 2008.

DIY Modular Synth 'Noodle' (Autonomous Patch)

DIY Modular Synth Overview

DIY Electronic Instruments

Elektor Formant

Circuits & Links

Klee Sequencer

Quad Bass++

Sound Lab Ultimate Keyboard Synth




Surfing the Aether - My Timeline of Radio History
I had these pages of the history of radio up on the web from 1994 until the 'great server crash of 2005'.
This is all that's left. I will try to update them and fix broken links as I have opportunity

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