diy synthesizer - pinky and friends

Hi there! Thanks for visiting. Please enjoy some pictures and sounds of my synths.

You can find information for building my PCB projects on the "data/designs" page.
Please contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing PCBs.

Below are a few links to more detailed pics of some synths.

btw - A big thanks to Tom for hosting!!

If you are looking for info on nonlinearcircuits panels, go to nonlinearcircuits blog or contact me via the contact/links page.

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This site gets updated fairly regularly, mostly new designs and manuals posted in the data section

Paia Fatman

some mods - diodes, sync, 4 LFO's. this was my first electronics project. if you are a total novice, imho Paia Fatman is a good launchpad.

the chickolin - output socket, touch switch for feedback, chicken controls pitch.