Welcome, the page is quite lame right now, but I will soon add something a little more interesting.

About Me

I think I might be the only guy who can consider Serge and Wiard DIY. I got started in electronics at the age of 12 when my dad let me watch him fix a TV. I thought it was pretty cool and I had to beg my parents to get me one of those 130 in 1 electronics kits from Radio Shack. That thing kept me occupied for quite a bit of time, but soon lost interest when I started to get more interested in girls and guitars.

When I was about 16 or 17 I really started to get into synthesizers, but I could never afford one. Eventually I stumbeled upon the Paia web site and had to have a Fatman. I managed to convince my parents to get me one, and built it up right away. It was awesome...a real synthesizer with knobs and everything. That think had me pretty happy until I tried to use it to make music. I could get the oscilltors tuned up very nicely (the nice fat sound of detuned oscillators) at one end of the keyboard, and then when I played at the other end, the oscillators synced and the cool sound was gone. Damn... I was pretty disappointed and I put the FatMan away for a while.

After that while, I became interested in making the FatMan going again. I searched the web for answers and found two very important things: Wiard and Synth-DIY. First of all, was this synthesizer company in my very own town. I was hating my job, so I figured I'd call them and see if they wanted some help over there. After a few days I got the guts and called Grant Richter and found out that he needed someone! Well, I got the job and Grant introduced me to the holy grail of synth answer sources... the synth-diy mailing list.

After working with Grant for a year or two, he told me that another guy was moving to Wisconsin and I needed to check out his operation as well. He introduced me to Rex Probe of Sound Transform Systems (Serge), we hit it off, and now I had two synth jobs!

Well that's how I can call Wiard and Serge synth-DIY. I'll add some more about my personal synth gear (Wiard, Serge, Blacet, and Nick-DIY) soon.