My name is Jorrit Tyberghein. When I was still young (9-12 years) I was interested a lot in electronics (mostly digital electronics using TTL chips) and also in electronic music (musicians like Klaus Schulze mostly). But at that time I was too young to connect both hobbies. I didn't understand transistors, opamps, and analog electronics and never got more 'music' then a simple square wave sound. Then at some point I got myself my first computer. This completely eliminated my electronics hobby and instead I became a programmer (see below for some links related to my software projects). But now (at the age of 37) my son got a simple electronics kit and my old interested was sparked again. Because I now have access to the internet I was able to learn a little more about analog electronics (still have to learn a lot though :-) and finally I started finding very interesting DIY synth sites with lots of schematics. I resurrected my old breadboards and started building. At first I used a salvaged -12V/12V switching power supply from a Dell computer but that wasn't working too well due to too much noise. So I bought a Power One supply from eBay and mounted it in an old speaker box. It is working great now. From my uncle I got a 25 years old oscilloscope which is not perfect but suitable for the job. I also bought a bunch of TL072's on eBay so now I'm (mostly) settled. On this page I hope to put information useful to other people who want to build analog synthesizers. In the beginning it will mostly be a collection of links to various resources that I found useful. I will also put pictures and samples of the things I build online. But at this moment this site is still rather empty :-)

My Software Hobby

As I said before I'm mainly a programmer. I'm the project manager of several projects including an Open Source 3D engine called Crystal Space. I'm also a professional Java developer. To pay for my electronics hobby I also help run a small commercial 'company' (not really). We do support on everything related to the Crystal Space 3D Engine. So if you have problems that you can't solve, or you want us to make a small project for you, or help you start up your own 3D project then you can find contact information at In addition I'm also willing to do small projects related to Java, C++ and OpenGL on Linux or Windows.

My Synthesizer Hobby

Well that's what this page is all about.

Contact Me

You can reach me at jorrit dot tyberghein at gmail dot com.