Q.What is SDIY.org all about?

A.Well, I'm a NetGeek and a SynthGeek and I put 2 and 2 together..

Q.What's on SDIY.org?

A. Right now, not much. I'm working on a FAQ/Manual manager with the intent of making it easy for people to collaborate on a freely available DIY Synthesizer resource sorta like ElectroNotes ( without stealing ElectroNotes so Don't worry Bernie! :-) ). I also want a repository for datasheets and schematics and the like that I've been collecting. I also want to help contribute to the Synth DIY community. Note that recently I have taken over maintaining the Emusic-DIY archive. at http://www.emusic-diy.org to meet some of these goals.

Q. Who can get webspace on SDIY.org?

A. Anyone who builds their own gear or has designed something or has built a kit. Not many restrictions in this regard. This site isn't intended for Joe Raver with his shiney new Korg ER-1 but drawing the line may be difficult. If you know which end of a soldering iron to hold, this site is probably for you.

Q. What restrictions are there on Page content?

A. If its legal and not a copyright violation, its fair game. Please no nuclear bomb plans even if you show how to use the EMP as a trigger for your new sequencer design. I will not exercise any editorial control. The only restriction I have in place is to block offsite linking of files. Deep-linking to an HTML file is fine, but I'd rather if SDIY.org didn't just get used as an image repository for other websites.

Q. Are things like PHP and other server side extentions available?

A. In the past PHP was available but not mentioned. It has since been turned off as its a major security hole and a bad habit to get into. Maybe in the future I'll come up with a supportable way to allow it again, but not holding my breath.

Q. How much space do you allocate?

A. The system is set up to allocate 50megs of space. If you need more just ask.

Q. Bandwidth restrictions?

A. Not at this time. My server has plenty of allocated bandwidth that I don't use.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. I like to go to bed at night with at least one warm fuzzy feeling or something.

Q. I bet you are planning to throw on Banners and other advertising, and sell my email address to some Spammers!

A. No. Any personal information entered will be kept just that, personal. And I like Advertising about as much as getting a root canal.


That sums up all that comes to mind right now. Any questions? Drop me an email. xyzzy@sdiy.org ( or xyzzy@sysabend.org if you see that on the SynthDIY mailing list.